Hey, thanks for checking out my site. Basically I’m just another writer in a world where anyone with basic literacy skills can (and usually does) make that claim at some point in their lives. What’s slightly different about me though is that I’m not a writer by choice, but by necessity. You see, what I really enjoy doing more than absolutely anything else is talking. If you’ve ever met me, you’ve just nodded to yourself while reading that last bit. If you’ve yet to have that pleasure, it might be best to put it off until you have some time on your hands.

Apart from that, I also have a passion for entertaining, informing and learning about the people with whom I’m conversing. However I tend to find that people may not always be around for me to talk to. That’s why I’ve resorted to writing as a means through which I can talk to people even when they’re not here. That way they can read or hear what I wanted to say later.
In the menu above you’re presented with the different services that I offer. If none of these interests you, allow me to direct you to a somewhat more stimulating website.

(The Porn Musical)